Workshops and Consulting Services

 The Psychology of Financial Planning is one of the most critical topics in the financial planning profession. Firms have an opportunity to host Drs. Klontz and Chaffin for workshops and consulting services so your advisors can develop deeper relationships with their clients; prompt them to take action on their financial plan; and attract and retain new clients. 

The Multiculturally Competent Advisor

This workshop provides advisors the opportunity to be more effective in working with diverse clients. Financial planners have the opportunity to reflect upon many of their own biases and how they might impact their work with clients of different genders and races. This experiential workshop equips planners with a variety of tools and processes that will help them build better relationships with new and existing clients.

Acting Upon Your Client’s Financial Psychology

This experiential workshop provides advisors with the tools to recognize client biases that may be negatively impacting their long-term financial goals. Using tools from behavioral finance and clinical and cognitive psychology, Drs. Klontz and Chaffin lead several experiential exercises where advisors can better detect and address client biases and behaviors.  

Getting Your Client to Take Action 

One of the most challenging components of working with some clients is their inaction, whether a decision at the beginning of the client-planner relationship or they become just stuck somewhere along their financial plan. This workshop provides a number of key tools, such as motivational interviewing and counseling techniques, all in an effort to help your advisors prompt your client into taking action. 

Getting Your Client’s Attention 

One of the worst possible clients is the distracted client, whether distracted during your discovery meetings or distracted from their financial plan. In this series of workshops, Drs. Klontz and Chaffin provide several tools for advisors to help their clients stay focused. They also consult and review the ways in which firms accommodate the diverse learning styles of today’s client. 

Custom Programs 

Have a specific workshop in mind? Contact Drs. Klontz and Chaffin for a custom program developed specifically for your firm. 

Workshops and consulting services are available both online and in-person. Continuing Education credit is available.


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